About LeadsMarket and Ainstainer partnership

We are extremely pleased with the services provided by Ainstainer for our multiple consumer-facing websites. Both the business team and the development team have made good job. Ainstainer showed its deep and professional business approach to the all implementation processes from the start up to now. The software development team also impressed, as the guys worked remotely and we mostly communicated via Skype online conferences, but it didn’t cause any problems in mutual working processes. The team appeared very skillful, experienced and committed. One of the developers came to our place to LA for 6 months and worked here as a part of our in-house team. Such an experience turned out to be perfect for both of the parties and this software developer relocated. So Ainstainer has done its best providing us with the team of professionals.

Maksym Holovchenko, Co-founder of the company

Michael Parshin, Co-founder of the company

Frank Kasimov, Co-founder of the company

Team size:
2-5 specialists
  • .Net MVC


LeadsMarket.com is a direct marketing company that specializes in online lead generation. LeadsMarket.com founding members are bringing more than 8 years of experience of helping majority of Fortune 500 Insurance Companies with online lead generation to help you succeed.

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