About the Bernhard's and Ainstainer partnership

In July 2010, I was looking for a service contractor, that would be able to help me with implementation of my business plan. The core issue was to develop a web application that would meet specific needs of our target customers. Among other important conditions were meeting strong budget’s limitations, ensuring of the highest functionality, high quality and perfect multimedia content. As my technical and programming knowledge is general only, at the beginning I decided to choose a German company to avoid economical, legal and language barriers. My fears were forgotten when I had met Ainstainer. I had to choose between Ainstainer and eight other companies, and from the very beginning only Ainstainer made me feel that all my needs were understood entirely and correctly. Moreover, they provide me a time and cost calculation that satisfied my requirements in a realistic way. During the process of development, Ainstainer's chief developer constantly contacted me to offer the ways of further usability’s increasing by modifying some functions. That positively surprised me: Customer's needs were really understood. Is the collaboration with Ainstainer worth or not? I understood this fully when during the one of the iteration unexpected difficulties appeared and it took more time than expected to solve them. Ainstainer showed its worth in dealing with this situation and was extremely fair when estimating the extra costs. Altogether, consulting, project planning and management appealed to me very much. All my requirements went up to par, impeccably. I'm glad know Ainstainer as a professional counterpart in questions of software development and I'm looking forward to placing further contracts to them.

Bernhard Karle