Success stories


We are extremely pleased with the services provided by Ainstainer for our multiple consumer-facing websites. Both the business team and the development team have made good job. Ainstainer showed its deep and professional business approach to the all implementation processes from the start up to now... Read more

Maksym Holovchenko

Co-founder of the company

Beat AS

Ainstainer has been a fantastic partner for us over past 13 months, extremely positive and proper experience. We are really pleased with the remote team and the excellent work they did. Indeed, it has been plain talks via Skype mostly, and we also had several physical meetings, remarkable technical background in Android and iOS and also common understanding ... Read more

Njål Wilberg

CEO and founder of the company

TT Hive

I worked with Ainstainer’s iOS developer and Project Manager and was extremely impressed by their level of professionalism. Their developer showed excellent skills in iOS development, Open GL ES in particular... Read more

Roberto Maggiora

Head of Development


I have worked with Ainstainer for more than a year and throughout this period of time they have proved their competence and showed themselves as true professionals. The cooperation process was very transparent, straightforward and client-oriented. I worked with a Java developer who was an expert in a very specific area and he showed 100% commitment to the project...Read more

Michael Pinsker

CEO & Founder


We have been working with Ainstainer for more than two years, and are extremely happy with the way they delivered results. Initially we submitted technical requirements that were implemented in a very professional manner by the developers. We quickly found that the developers at Ainstainer... Read more

Trond Heier

Founder and CEO at Silvados AS

Rocketfarm AS

Ainstainer has done a great job. The mobile app “Applause” has been gaining popularity among the target audience since its very releasing, and I believe it is just the beginning. As while cooperation everyone has done their best: this app helps people to find necessary information they are interested in... Read more

Halvor Gregusson

CEO at Rocketfarm AS


For the past two and half years we have been working with Ainstainer. For this period of time they have become an important and dependable part of our development team. We appreciate the great relations, and the results we have gained... Read more

Mike Zisman

Golf Genius President/CEO


We've worked with Ainstainer for almost 2 years. Maria Ukrainets is the software developer from Ainstainer. Initially she worked on a customer project "Rebate Park", which provides the rebate coupons for online consumers. Maria designed and implemented the whole project from ground up and... Read more

Fan Wu

Director of Software Engineering


Due to the large amount of work, we were looking for a partner to outsource development too. Instead of hiring staff which brings a lot of administrative and financial hustle, we decided to find a good partner to deliver interesting senior development profiles that could work in a team. Initial talks with Ainstainer were very promising... Read more

Jeroen Keppens

IT & Management Consultant

it relations GmbH

After some bad experience with outsourcing in IT projects I was very skeptical to start a new project with help of an outsourcing company. But from the very beginning of our collaboration with Ainstainer, I was convinced that there were real professionals at work. Leading a project where real experts with high motivation... Read more

Andreas Freyer



Now I am convinced that we were not mistaken in our choice. We have added two people to the already existing Scrum Team. From the first day of collaboration the team members showed good velocity, great understanding of Scrum framework and appeared to speak fluent English that is very important in communication. Here I also have to mention the fact that... Read more

Tobias Andersen



Working with Ainstainer for almost 2 years is a great experience. The company showed deep expertise, professional business approach and commitment. My team included one in-house developer and he did his best. The programmer had strong PHP skills... Read more

Erik Spinhoven



The Netherlands’ Telecom Company

I had been looking for a way to start a development team outside the Netherlands for some time when I first came in contact with Ainstainer. When I first heard out about Ainstainer it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for and my experience so far has been very good. Ainstainer understands our needs... Read more


CEO of the Netherlands’ Telecom Company


Bernhard Karle - Private Entrepreneur

In July 2010, I was looking for a service contractor, that would be able to help me with implementation of my business plan. The core issue was to develop a web application that would meet specific needs of our target customers. Among other important conditions were meeting strong budget’s limitations... Read more

Bernhard Karle

Private Entrepreneur