Software product companies, ISV

ISV (Independent Software Vendor) - makes and sells software products, platforms, games, etc.

Software Design & Development

We help ISV to release its software products faster with better quality by extending its on-site software development team with highly-skilled software engineers that are located in our software development center in Ukraine.

Software Quality
Assurance & Testing

For ISV companies to be sure that they deliver high-quality software product for their end-users, we use techniques of continuous integration, unit-, functional-, integration-, performance- and automated testing.

Software Maintenance & Support

Improve performance of software product by refactoring and optimizing source code, and fixing defects.

Increase Awareness
of Your Software Product

We help ISV to attract more potential customers by planning and executing sales and marketing campaigns.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Do your potential customers find your product in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo? Boost your sales pipeline through maintaining the top positions in search engines and generating niche-targeted traffic to your website. We will also help you to increase your online brand awareness with the best online tactics and strategies!