Agile-minded companies

Bring your outsourcing Agile development to perfection!

Whom we provide our services with?

Our services are tailored for companies, that value and use Agile and eXtreme Programming practices in their software development process. The whole cycle of iterative processes which Agile methodologies consist of, can make your Agile development outsource more advanced and absolute. Being on the same wavelength with Ainstainer can improve and encourage your offshore or nearshore Agile development, depending on your country location. Let’ s consider how Ainstainer can help you.

What can we offer to Agile-minded companies?

Extend your on-site team with additional Scrum team members based in Ukraine

We can extend your on-site Scrum team with valuable Scrum team players that are located in our software development centre in Ukraine.

Who can we add to your Scrum team?

Team members must have the skills necessary to take a product backlog item from idea to implementation. Thus, we have separated Scrum team members according to their specialization:

  • Software developers;
  • Software testers and QA;
  • Software architect;
  • Technical writer;
  • User Interface (UI) designer;
  • Graphic designer;
  • Database administrator (DBA).

Experience: what is the candidate’s practical experience with Scrum and XP?

A typical candidate has worked for about 2 years in Scrum teams and extensively used the following XP practices:

  • Test-driven development;
  • Pair programming;
  • Incremental design;
  • Continuous integration;
  • Coding standard.

Reach your maximum velocity

Besides creating and supporting your own Scrum team we also help it to reach and sustain its maximum velocity. Being an Agile lean software development company Ainstainer in cooperation with experienced Scum consultants provides consulting for you and your Scrum team that help teams to become more efficient in Agile planning and Agile software development.

What are your benefits establishing Scrum teams with Ainstainer?

  • Efficiency

    We help Scrum team to reach and sustain its maximum velocity

  • Transparency

    Transparent price structure (no hidden costs) and collaboration model

  • Nearshore Location

    Cultural proximity, fast and easy travels

  • Agile mindset

    We know and value Agile software development principles and eXtreme Programming (XP) practices

  • Safety

    All intellectual property rights 100% belong to the customer and each Scrum team member goes through the trial period

  • Experience

    We have successfully established software development teams for more than 25 customers and share the best practices with all the teams inside the company