Why Ainstainer?

Benefits by working with Ainstainer

Small wins of great start

Norway, Denmark, the USA, Germany and the Netherlands have already tried our services and have commented on the high quality of the work performed!

Establishing & supporting teams

We are experts at what we do! Our company focuses on setting up and supporting dedicated software development teams in Ukraine that design, test, maintain and support customers’ software.

Skilled software developers

We can provide you with highly qualified software developers at a reasonable rate. Advanced specialists+good prices= great results with Ainstainer!

of service

Ainstainer offers its clients only the best: a professional IT staff, quality equipment, excellent working conditions and premium solutions. We understand your needs at a glance!

How clients benefit by working with us?

Instead of hiring IT specialist locally in the European Union or the United States

  • Excellent pool of talented IT professionals

    Ukraine is amazingly rich in smart and efficient IT specialists. We have already helped many customers and will continue to assist in choosing just the right people for your projects!

  • Flexibility: ramp up and ramp down

    When you work with our company, you can find skilled IT specialists within a month, unlike some other countries, where this process can take up to three months. Replacing an employee is also quick an easy. With us you can dismiss a developer within a month while in other countries it takes as much as three months!

  • Competitive costs and salaries

    With Ainstainer you save a minimum of 30% when hiring a dedicated IT team or a single remote IT professional.

Instead of other Ukrainian software development outsourcing companies

  • Consulting

    Our customers are always well-informed about the result-oriented process of managing their remote teams as we do our best to provide them with timely information and consultations.

  • Direct management of teams

    Customers are directly involved into the process of running the project, from start to finish.

  • Transparent pricing

    Our customers always know in particular what they are paying for and where the costs come from. There are no hidden costs - everything corresponds completely to the signed contract!

  • Talented specialists especially for you

    We give you exactly the right people to meet all your project requirements. Ainstainer finds skilled IT professionals and chooses the best resources to suit our customers' needs.