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Heidelberger Straße 129 ½

Darmstadt, 64285


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Ainstainer Ukraine

Software Development Center


4a Bakulina St, 7th floor,

Kharkov, Ukraine, 61166


DE:+49 6151 274-90-64

US:+1 917 259-10-03

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Mats Flodin, Country Manager

+46 706 53-41-03

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Gründernes Hus, Oscarsgt 27,

0352 Oslo, Norway


Lars Petter Negård

+47 461 30 873

Several words about Ukraine

Ukraine's IT outsourcing market has become the most attractive destination in Eastern Europe. Outsourcing to Ukraine and the collaboration are facilitated by our geographical and cultural proximity to Europe. All these factors ensure an easy and trouble-free cooperation of Ukrainian software developing companies with their customers from all over the world.

We have more than 880 universities, colleges and technical schools, Imagine 670,000 students with technical specialization graduating each year and 30 000 of them are in the IT field. So we have got a growing developing economic and industrial base due to solid fundamental technical education and the rapidly growing Ukraine outsource market.

Here in Ukraine over 40 000 experts are employed in the Information Technology industry. This abundance of available IT specialists allows us to keep up with the most rigorous demands of IT management and product development standards. Today Ukraine is a really well-formed and mature software development hub of highly demanded and skilled developers.