Ainstainer's history and foundation story

The month of May in the year 2008 was marked by the birth of a rapidly developing software development outsourcing company in Kharkov that was created to meet the ever-increasing demands of the flourishing global IT industry.

Key Facts

Established more than 25 software development teams

3/4 of our clients are from Europe

Our developers spend
74 000+ hours programming software for clients

Ainstainer, since its origin, has established and supported dedicated Ukraine software development teams of experienced programmers for its customers all over the world.

Ainstainer generates reliable and cost-effective IT solutions not only for such market segments as software development, e-commerce and consulting, but it also covers the following segments: tourism, mobile, healthcare, banking, gaming and other vital ranges of services.

The well-equipped software development center located in Kharkov, Ukraine, brings together the most talented and innovative experts who create full-featured and exclusive projects that more than satisfy customers’ demands and generate long-term client loyalty to Ukraine software outsourcing.

Our Effective and Extensive World Cooperation


Effective and extensive cooperation with Denmark, Germany, Norway, the USA, Belgium and the Netherlands has helped Ainstainer to improve its position in advanced IT industry and to acquire the necessary invaluable experience in the comprehensive domains of IT business.