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Technologies we offer

Qualified Java developers

Ainstainer provides its customers with either a single developer or the whole team of experts who can design various projects using Java technology. Our skilled programmers can develop systems tailored to suit all your needs. According to your requirements we find middle or senior programmers to improve your Java development outsourcing. With a remote developer or a team of experienced professionals we help you leverage the benefits of Java outsourcing.

Management and Communication

We are oriented to providing our customers with cost-effective solutions, highly-qualified services and well-organized support for Java software outsourcing. Our customers are totally involved in the development process of the project from the very beginning. Our clients can choose every possible means of communication and management of their remote Java developer. If you lack some proper experience in managing your dedicated Java developer or a remote team, our in-house consulting center can help you to do your best. Every chosen developer has excellent English skills that allows you to find common ground much faster and to understand each other better.


If you need to outsource Java development Ainstainer can offer trained, experienced and highly skilled Java developers who work for you as dedicated developers. The rate difference depends on Java developer’s qualification and experience. If you are interested in additional information, contact us and we’ll gladly provide you with all the necessary data.

Working hours & time zone

The working day of our programmers is 8 hours long, of which 5 of them coincide with their employers’ work day. We are also found in a favorable time zone, the difference with CET is only +1 hour. Proximity to Europe makes it possible to work with the client simultaneously. Event time zone facilitates dynamic development of your Java outsourcing company.


Available Java Developers

What do you get by selecting Ainstainer?

  • Skilled Java developers at a reasonable price;
  • Trial Project: try our services and judge us by our work;
  • Free consulting support: find out the most efficient practices of work with remote software development teams.

Java Technologies We Offer

  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Apache POI
  • JBoss
  • Hibernate
  • Jax Framework
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Jetty
  • JPA
  • JSF
  • JSP
  • Pentaho
  • Play! Framework
  • Restlet
  • Spring
  • Stripes
  • Struts
  • Tomcat
  • WebSphere
  • YUI
  • OpenCMS
  • Intellij Idea
  • MyEclipse
  • NetBeans
  • Eclipse
  • Postgre SQL
  • My SQL
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • Mongo DB
  • JProfiler
  • JUnit