Google Glass Development
a Renowned Outsourcing Location

An utterly novel field of product development and a nascent service for software developers worldwide is Google Glass app development. One of Ainstainer’s corporate policy pillars has always been to follow closely any emerging technologies and market trends in order to select those we could contribute to and excel in. Our Emerging Technologies expert group first heard about a gadget that made it possible to communicate in a variety of ways on the fly, as well as to transmit video information on one’s actions in real-time in early 2012. It was immediately recommended that the opportunity be explored as soon as possible with a view to adding Google Glass development to Ainstainer’s range of services.

Soon after, becoming a premium-quality outsourcing provider to those international businesses that are looking to hire a team of glass developers in a reliable outsourcing location became one of our major corporate development objectives. We cherry-picked a small but very competent expert team that also included seasoned business analysts to look into how the market could best be tapped. Both our understanding of the field, and the number of experts we can allocate have since grown, and today we are confident in offering glassware development services as a regular part of our services. Thus, if you are looking to hire a Google Glass developer, we are fully prepared to help you explore the many opportunities that exist on the still fledgling but highly promising market.

Importantly, the glassware development part of our service offering comes with the full range of our nearshore benefits, making it a unique value proposition.

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