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Tell about Ainstainer Software Development Teams to your friends or colleagues.

If your referral becomes a customer, we’ll gladly thank you with a new iPad Air*.

Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi+4G 32GB White

How to refer a friend or a colleague?

1. Get in touch with your referral:

• to ensure their company needs assistance in software development (mobile, web or desktop apps development and support);

• to let them know that an Ainstainer team member will contact them.

Make sure your referral knows that our company will contact him/her; our expectation is that you've had a conversation and the person is expecting more information from us.

2. Complete the referral form below to tell us about yourself and the way we can help your referral.

Within 12 hours our team member will contact you to find out the details of the opportunity.

3. Our knowledgeable specialist will contact your referral shortly.

If this opportunity closes within 1 year, we will send you a new iPad. Alternatively, we will donate the equivalent amount to a charity of your choice.

* It must be a new qualified lead with no existing opportunity

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